The Star of the Orient - a musical fairytale / كوكب الشرق

The autumn of 2016 Re:Orient was going on a tour with the production The Star of the Orient. A musical fairytale about the iconic Egyptian singer Oum Kalthoum. The play had world premiere August 26th at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Egypt. Then it continued to play for refugee children in Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and Morocco.

The play follows a little girl born with a big voice, breaking gender roles and developing into a superstar - all done with humor, warmth and music. Performed in Arabic and aimed primarily to children the play also works for an older audience. The play will for the most part be performed in refugee camps.

Director Johanna Huss acclaimed for her adaption of Alice in Wonderland has also written the play. In addition to original songs from Oum Kalthoums extensive repertoire
the performance includes new music composed by Mousa Elias. He will also be on stage and play both Oum´s father and mother. Firat Fadhel Hussein featured on percussion, will play the role of both her brother and the King of Egypt. In the main role we'll see the Tunisian singer Abir Nasraoui. Scenographer and costume made by Paulina Åhnberg.

Director and text: Johanna Huss
Set design and costume: Paulina Åhnberg
Compositions and arrangements: Mousa Elias
Musicians/actors: Abir Nasraoui, Mousa Elias and Firat Fadhel Hussain

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Photo: Johanna Huss
Photo: Johanna Huss

tour schedule 2016

26 - 27 August: Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt
28 - 29 August: with UNHCR in Alexandria, Egypt
2 September: Workshop with Johanna Huss at the Hakkaya Festival in Amman, Jordan
2 - 8 September: Jordan
8- 17 October: Egypt
2 - 4 November, Samos, Greece
5 - 11 November: Turkey
20 - 30 November: Morocco

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